The Minack Chronicles

Derek & Jeannie Tangye

Boris and The Donkeys


Boris, The Muscovy Drake.
Arrived at Minack in 1959 through Jane Wyllie who worked for Derek and Jeannie on their flower farm. She had been given Boris by her boyfriend who thought he could win her over with a duck dinner!
Boris was free to roam as he pleased but at night he was shut in his house for fear of a fox taking him. He would wander up to the cottage in case there was a something special to eat, have a bath in his pond and just enjoy being a free duck! 
Boris died at midday one Tuesday morning in 1968.


Penny was a Connemara donkey that was shipped to the UK  via Fishguard. Then transported to Exeter and sold at auction going on to Camelford then to Scorrier.
Derek and Jeannie had been in The Plume of Feathers having a drink when they had got talking with Roy Teague, who was both the publican and an animal dealer. She had expressed a wish to have a donkey and Roy Teague had taken her at her word and found one. They had more of a surprise when Teague then told them after arriving to see Penny that she was pregnant. His persuasive style made them decide they had to have her else, Teague had indicated,  it was the 'knacker's yard' for them both at some point. Penny was bundled into the back of the Land Rover and they headed home to Minack.
The walks along the cliff tops with the donkeys, first to Carn Barges then inland to the far feeding grounds, above Lamorna Cove, as they called them, gave birth to the walk we now know as 'The Donkey Walk' 
When Penny arrived at Minack she was about four years old at the time, a gentle trusting donkey, small but beautiful.
She passed 1st January 1976. She is buried in the Stable Meadow, beneath the elderberry tree, which she loved to stand, in the Stable Meadow.