The Minack Chronicles

Derek & Jeannie Tangye

Derek's Books

Derek's books were no longer in print following his death and for many years we hoped a publisher would be willing reprint  them. Following an enquiry with us in 2014 a publisher finally did ask to reprint the books. We referred them to Derek's estate and were then fortunate to assist the publishers in reprinting the first four of Derek's books. Thus his work has been brought back into the present for  new readers which, we hope, will result in a new generation of fans of  ‘The Minack Chronicles’. 

Constable & Robinson approached the webmaster of this site who assisted them in reprinting the first four titles of The Minack Chronicles. There were in fact no plates to reprint the books from and so the webmaster supplied personal copies of the books with which to enable the reprints. 
These went on sale in February 2014.
Plans were in hand to reprint the next three titles along with three more later but shortly after the first four were reprinted Little, Green Books bought 
Constable & Robinson and the three titles at the bottom of the page were subsequently put on hold till later 2020's/early 2030's.

A Gull on the Roof

A Cat in the Window

A Drake at the Door

A Donkey in the Meadow

The titles below have not,
as yet,  been re-printed.


A Cornish Summer

The Way to Minack