The Minack Chronicles

Derek & Jeannie Tangye

Jean Everald Nicol

Born 23 March 1919 to Captain Frank Nicol and Dora Mackenzie in Brentford, Middlesex.
Jeannie was one of two children, her sister Barbara was born in February 1921 in Uddingston, Scotland.
Jeannie married Derek on 20th February 1943 in Richmond Church, Surrey. 
Jeannie's had her first book, Meet Me at the Savoy, published in 1952. It was reprinted several times proving  how she was just as popular an author as Derek. This book was based on her time at The Savoy group whilst the other three were fictional stories. 
Bertioni's Hotel was published in 1983.
Jeannie enjoyed oil painting and drawing. 
Her line drawings of life at Minack were used as illustrations
for Derek's books. 
Her last drawings were for The Cherry Tree, published in 1986.
Jeannie died on 22 February 1986, at St Michaels Hospital, Hayle, Cornwall.

Jeannie's Books

Meet Me at The Savoy

Jeannie started at The Savoy on 27 April 1939 as a secretary and rose to Press Officer. Her autobiography of life at The Savoy and the many famous people she met, friends made and challenges overcome. The popularity of the book meant it was reprinted over many years from 1952 to 1962. 

Hotel Regina

This is the first of a trilogy of books about the Hotel Regina, a fictional hotel. It  starts with wartime and based on life behind the scenes of a London Hotel, Jeannie uses her own experiences to bring the 
story to life

Home is the Hotel

The second book about the Hotel Regina. The war is over. Yet the war has left the hotel down-at-heel and investment is needed to bring it back to its former glory. The staff behind the scenes return and talk of a buy-out?

Bertioni's Hotel

The final in the triology with more stories of life behind the sccenes at The Regina. Celebrating a birthday and a possible lovers elopement.