The Minack Chronicles

Derek & Jeannie Tangye

and Magazine articles

There are literally thousands of newspaper articles relating to Derek’s literary work whether as a journalist or an author.
They start in the early days in his role at the Daily Express, before the war years, when he was a reporter covering stories from the menial to the front  page  headlines.  
He  eventually  went on to write a column for the Daily Mail, which turned into more of  an  ‘Agony  Aunt’  for which Derek felt quite unsuited. But, as with anything Derek  did, he put his whole heart into it. He would feel both embarassed yet elated when a bus would pass him by with his column, and his face, being advertised along the whole top side of a double decker bus.  
However, that came to an abrupt end and Derek  found himself without a job, wondering what  to  do  next. 

He had  long  held  the idea that he should like to travel the world. But how to pay for this extravagant  desire?  He decided that he should write about his travels and sell them to a newspaper that would publish them. From this  journey came his  first book, ‘Time was  Mine’.  It was also to be his introduction to Jeannie and assist with the war effort.

He returned from his travels as war broke out and went into the Army. 
It was  due to his experiences of travel that he found himself employed in the role of an Intelligence Officer and began working for  MI5.  

His role necessitated seeking  information and where better at that time than the Savoy Hotel.  As well as many film stars and celebrities of day staying there, so too did many foreign Armed Forces Officers, UK  and foreign politicians and reporters. Such an ideal establishment to listen for information that may prove useful in the war effort.

From the time Derek started writing ‘The Minack Chronicles’ to long after his death the newspapers and magazines continue to write about him. 
Whether it’s to publicise his latest work, an obituary or indeed to mesmerise us with the notion that Derek and Jeannie were spies working for the Russians! There are a great many articles about them both, both wihtin media sources, books and government papers. 

We shall include what we can here.We have many more than shown here and will add pages and images over time. If you find any others that you would like to share please drop us line.