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Radio 4 - Derek Tangye: The Cornish Gardener

On Monday 17th June 2013, Radio 4 presented a programme that gave listeners, a brief, but fascinating, insight to Derek's life.
You can still listen to it now by going to the BBC website at : 'Derek  Tangye - The Cornish Gardener'
In less than half an hour we listened to several interviews with people representing different parts of his life; from his work as an MI5 Officer, jourmalist and writer and Flower Farmer. People  such as  Jane Bird, horticulturalist who is also one of the Trustees of his estate; John Coles: who has produced many DVD’s of Minack over the years, containing photographs and interviews over the years. Sue Aston, violist and music composer, and  the webmaster of this website, Linda Hartley, a devoted 'fan' & Associate Trustee.
The programme reached a new audience; for Derek’s life and work and hopefully will generate a new demand for his books. We hope that it does not increase too greatly the visits to Oliver land, which should always remain a 'Place for Solitude'.
The webmaster was contacted and assisted with the background work to the programme; some of the people to talk to, some aspects of Derek's life, the impact of the books on readers. She also wrote the article that appeared on the BBC website about her personal experiences of Derek, what the books mean to her and why she runs the website.           
           (Images  © Linda Hartley All Rights Reserved)     

Taking part in the programme included Jane Bird, nee Wylie, who worked with Derek at Minack, (Jane was also a Trustee) John Coles who knew Derek and Jane and produced many DVD's about Minack and Oliver land, Ann Sutton, former Trustee for The Derek and Jeannie Tange Minack Chronicles Nature Trust, as well as those listed below.

We hope the work of this website helps to feed the imagination of readers of the books. 
If you are not a follower of Facebook then we have reproduced some photos here, they were taken at The Minack Theatre during the making of the programme.    

   John McCarthy
            Journalist, Broadcaster & author 
   Stephen Garner
           Radio 4 Producer 
   Sue Aston
           Violinist & Composer 
   Phil Jackson
          Minack Theatre
   Chris Chamberlain
          Director, Anotherwaytheatre Company 
   David Kay 
          Anotherwaytheatre Company 
   Linda Hartley
          Fan, Associate Trustee (Oliver land)
           &  webmaster