The Minack Chronicles

Derek & Jeannie Tangye

Derek's Will & long term wishes for Oliver land

Derek was well aware that people have their own lives and that over time things can change. His chosen Trustees were, therefore, able to make changes to the governance and maintainence of Oliver land. 
One of these was the choosing of new Trustees and the second was that in the event they could no longer continue he gave them permission to hand over the trust to his chosen organisation 
   Cornwall Wildlife Trust.

We protect Cornwall's wildlife and wild places on land and in our seas. We are passionate about conservation and have helped people enjoy nature for over 50 years.

Cornwall Wildlife Trust now manages Oliver land.

In  July 2018 Cornwall Wildlife Trust took over ownership and management of Oliver land. 
From early in 2019 they were actively carrying out site visits and drawing up plans for its future maintenance. 

Maintain, enhance and extend the important habitat features.
"...create a dynamic mosaic of grassland, bracken and scrub without being too prescriptive about the exact locations of these habitats.....scrub is an important element of native grassland ecosystems and contributes significantly to species richness....a suitable grazing regime must be in place..... care must be taken to avoid rectangular blocks of cleared bracken in the landscape which would look very artificial...."

Maintain and increase the populations of species of conservation concern.
"..there are relatively few species records relating directly to the reserve, and a key task is to carry out more species survey work. The presence of the Hornet Robberfly .....  indicates a high potential for invertebrates.... the presence of fritillary butterflies...seems potentially suitable with their food plants (violets) being abundant under the bracken canopy..."

Maintain Oliver Land in keeping with the spirit of the Minack Chronicles, providing access and interpretation consistent with this.
"....Any name should reflect its association with Derek Tangye and fans of the Tangye's will know the reserve as 'Oliver Land', perhaps making this the better name..... any interpretative material should reflect the spirit of the Minack Chronicles...for example the 'Ambrose Rock'...."

Maintain and enhance the historical and landscape features
"...the key archaeological features of the reserve are the remains of small garden enclosures. These small relic field boundaries are an importatnt part of the hsitory of land use within this stretch of Penwith and should be preserved."

Work with partners in the area to conserve important habitats at a landscape scale.
"...opportunities to work with the Tregothan Estate and also with the National Trust's Tregiffian farm property, which lies a short distance to the west."

Volunteers wanted!!
You can either volunteer directly with Cornwall Wildlife Trust, ideally for this you need to live locally or you can help on an ad-hoc basis when you visit Oliver Land.
Check the pages for Wildlife and Flora and Fauna and if you find these plants or indeed any other please, take a good clear photo, note the date, time and actualy location of where you saw it. Most cameras/mobile phones will enable you to set a grid reference for taking images and you can use this. Either Submit your findings to CWT here
or download the ORKS App.